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Happy New Year! Welcome to the January 2022 ICHCA Insights newsletter.
This month we look forward to 2022 with a message from our Chair, two webinar events early in the year, and feature our Safety Alerts system where we can all benefit and learn from others’ incidents.
We have so much interesting and innovative work delivering in 2022, so watch this space and I’ll see you on the journey!
Richard Steele
CEO, ICHCA International
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  1. ICHCA Chair’s New Year Message
  2. “Ambitious for ICHCA's future” New Year Message from CEO Richard Steele
  3. Handling and storing dangerous goods in warehouses webinar 1st Feb
  4. ICHCA Safety Alerts

1. ICHCA Chair’s New Year Message


As we enter a new year of challenge, it remains abundantly clear that we rely on the combined efforts of people all along the supply chain to continue to deliver to the world.
People in our industry continue to put themselves on the front line to handle and coordinate cargo vital to lives and economies. We acknowledge the skill, responsiveness and hard work seen across the globe in our sector and renew our contract with you to constructively support, deliver thought leadership and match your energy for doing the job safely and well.
2021 was a year of change for ICHCA. We are excited to have recruited a new CEO, Richard Steele.
The Board, Richard and I are determined to build on the successes of the past, to grow our reach and impact, work with members and like-minded partner organisations to deliver positive change in health and safety for our industry and its people.
ICHCA International commits to listen to your needs, champion innovation and continuous improvement, provide a global industry voice and to raise world standards together. We are proud of what has gone before and ambitious for ICHCA’s future. We look forward to working with you in 2022.

John Beckett
Chair – ICHCA International

2. “Ambitious for ICHCA's future” New Year Message from CEO Richard Steele

Richard Steele

In only the last six months, ICHCA’s members have worked together to deliver multiple work packages; accelerating improvements in safety and health across the industry.

We are especially proud of the delivery with our partners of a Warehousing White Paper, which sets out principles for storage of dangerous goods and includes a practical operational checklist. Our Technical Panel meeting in October was attended by over 60 participants and addressed topics such as AI prediction of accidents and inspection of vessels for port worker safety. We saw a record entry year for our TT Club sponsored Innovation in Safety Awards and will be bringing the rich ideas to the membership in the new year. Translations of the CTU Packing Quick Guide were published in 7 languages to improve access and its use.

We co-sponsored 5 papers at the IMO Carriage of Cargos and Containers safety meeting and signed 3 MOU’s with like-minded partner organisations. Our container labelling publication was updated and our Safety Alerts process re-launched. Expanded member services introduced a new monthly digest newsletter ‘ICHCA Insights’ – coming to your in-box on the second Thursday of the month. And our Technical Enquiries service opened to members through ‘living’ pamphlets capturing responses to member questions that can be updated quickly as new information emerges...

3. Handling and storing dangerous goods in warehouses webinar 1st Feb

Save the date Warehousing White Paper webinar jpg

Coming up…1st February
Handling and storing dangerous goods in warehouses webinar 1st February 2022, 14:00 to 15:00 GMT. More details to follow.

Please register to attend by e-mail to secretariat@ichca.com

4. ICHCA Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts banner

ICHCA International is committed to helping industry to learn lessons fast,
learn them once and make sure that they stay learnt.

This information is intended to provide all organisations in the cargo supply chain with the opportunity to consider the events and to review and adapt their own health and safety control measures to proactively prevent future incidents. We are grateful to all those who provide these alerts and acknowledge their commitment to sharing learning to benefit others. Learning content like this is highly valuable as it is based on real-world experience. We encourage everyone with publishable information about incidents to send it to us, so that we can raise awareness across the whole industry. Please contact us at secretariat@ichca.com; sharing your insight could save a life or prevent injury.

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