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Welcome to the August 2022 ICHCA Insights Newsletter.

Firstly this month we spotlight Les Richings, Chair of our Dangerous Goods Working Group. We hope this article gives you new insight into the work of the group as well as an understanding of Les’ leadership and passion for handling dangerous goods right. Next, we have a Safety Alert for Lifting of ISO Containers and Tanks Using Hooks and Wires. This is an activity that can be done safely with the right management, planning, skills and knowledge. Drawn from the experience and expertise of our Technical Panel members, the alert picks out key factors for consideration in such operations. Lithium-Ion fires are on many industry professionals’ minds. We are pleased to draw your attention to Guidance on Electric vehicles onboard passenger roll-on/roll-off ferries published by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency and based on SOLAS, which we think will be widely useful. It is always a pleasure to be able to highlight the excellent work of ICHCA Australia and you can find a link to the latest edition of ‘Inside ICHCA Australia’ below.

We have an exciting programme of activities coming up in the next few months and our final story gives 5 dates for your diary. We look forward to seeing members and friends of ICHCA at these events.

Let’s keep raising safety standards together!
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CEO, ICHCA International
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1. Spotlight on Les Richings, Chair of the ICHCA Dangerous Goods Working Group
2. Safety Alert: Lifting of ISO Containers and Tanks Using Hooks and Wires
3. Example Guidance on Electric vehicles onboard passenger roll-on/roll-off ferries
4. Looking forward to September & October… dates for your diary…
5. Latest edition of Inside ICHCA Australia

1. Spotlight on Les Richings, Chair of the ICHCA Dangerous Goods Working Group

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In our newly introduced Spotlight feature, we want to give more visibility to some of the professionals that make-up our membership giving more detail of their expertise, a flavour of their passion for safety and a little insight into their personalities, which portray their enthusiasm for our unique association.

Spotlight’s first interviewee is Les Richings, Chair of the Dangerous Goods Working Group. For those of you that don’t know Les, I hope you learn a lot from this introduction, and for those that know him already perhaps you’ll see another side to a great advocate of the ICHCA cause. Click below for the full interview.

2. Safety Alert: Lifting of ISO Containers and Tanks using Hooks and Wires

The use of gantry cranes and spreaders is the optimal and preferred method for lifting ISO containers and tanks (collectively referred to as Cargo Transport Units, CTUs) in most situations.

However, not all terminals have this equipment available. At some terminals it is therefore accepted practice to lift ISO containers and tanks using wires or chains and single-rope cranes, such as mobile harbour cranes or barge-mounted derricks.

3. Example Guidance on Electric vehicles onboard passenger roll-on/roll-off ferries


At our most recent ICHCA Technical panel call, the topic of electric vehicle/Li-Ion battery fires was raised once again.

The link below will take interested readers to our article featuring the recently published Marine Guidance Note MGN 653 (M) from the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency, the regulatory body for UK maritime safety. This guidance aims to raise awareness of the risks and mitigations for the carriage of electric vehicles on board passenger roll-on roll-off ferries.

5. Latest Edition of Inside ICHCA Australia

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The latest edition of Inside ICHCA Australia is a now available to view. Please click below to read more:

4. Looking forward to September & October...Dates for your diary

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We are thrilled to confirm that the prestigious TT Club Innovation in Safety Awards will launch in September and are looking forward to seeing examples of how the whole supply chain continues to rise to the challenge of improving safety in our industry.

The IMO will again be busy in September with the Carriage of Cargoes and Containers and International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code meetings. ICHCA will be present and active at both of these as the voice for cargo handling and coordination. We are also participating in the IPPC International Workshop on controlling the spread of invasive species via containers in London.

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