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Welcome to the December 2022 ICHCA Insights Newsletter.

This month we are thrilled to publish Ammonium Fire Risk on Board Ships, developed by lead author Brian Devaraj and the ICHCA Dangerous Goods Working Group under the chair of Les Richings. The work on this topic extended to proposals to the IMO Carriage of Cargoes and Containers meeting in September. The proposals were approved in principle to go to the editorial and technical meeting to be incorporated into draft amendment 42-24 to the IMDG Code. In November we spotlighted the risk management necessary for handling and transporting batteries in a week-long series of articles. This is an area of rapid development and there is much more to be done to innovate and learn when dealing with this cargo in all its types and conditions. ICHCA has a long term project underway to identify safety standards and guidance on green fuels. We were delighted therefore to spotlight hugely positive work from our MOU partner the International Association of Ports and Harbours with their bunkering checklists for fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrogen. IAPH’s materials are exactly the sort of learning that can benefit the whole industry. Thanks also to colleagues at Signal Mutual for sharing their powerful video ‘When we look away', which shows the consequences of an accident, the complex relationship between contributing factors and how empowering everyone to be a safety champion can protect our people.

I wanted to end this edition with a simple reflection on the passing of Mr Mike Compton who led the work of ICHCA for many years. A passionate campaigner for continuously improving safety in our industry. I have no doubt that Mike’s work with ICHCA and other organisations will continue to save lives and prevent injuries. Thank you Mike.

Following Mike Compton's example - Let’s keep raising safety standards together!
Richard Steele
CEO, ICHCA International
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1. Paper on Seaborne Ammonium Nitrate Safety Published.
2. Battery Safety Week – Roundup.
3. IAPH Updated bunkering safety checklists for liquified gasses as a marine fuel in a port now available.
4. Training video exploring how accidents in ports can be the result of multiple factors and influences – freely available for use.
5. Latest edition of Inside ICHCA Australia

1. Paper on Seaborne Ammonium Nitrate Safety Published

AN Safety on Vessels Cover Dec 22
Global cargo handling association ICHCA International (ICHCA) focusses on helping ships transporting ammonium nitrate to manage risks in a whitepaper detailing guidance for fire prevention and mitigation.

The risks posed by poor conditions of storage of this common compound, which is used extensively in the Fertilisers and Explosives industries, have been well documented but awareness of the dangers of fire during transportation by sea is less well known. The objective of this guide, entitled ‘Ammonium Fire Risk on Board Ships’ is to outline best practice with respect to the management of risk on vessels chartered to ship the compound through ports around the world.

A copy of the guide “Ammonium Fire Risk on Board Ships” is publicly available on our website until Friday 9 December, after which it will be moved to the members-only part of the web site.

To download the full press release, and to access the guide, please click "Read More"

2. Battery Safety Week - Roundup

Battery Week Banner
In November, we continued to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with the transport of batteries – particularly but not exclusively Lithium Batteries.

Our goal is to help those handling batteries themselves or cargos (such as electric vehicles) that contain batteries, to have the best awareness of the risks and learning from across the industry. As we said at the outset, all kinds of recognised dangerous goods can be safely handled and transported if the risks are known and managed.

In case you missed the posts themselves, please click "Read More" for a summary of what was covered and links to follow to the web pages.

3. IAPH Updated bunkering safety checklists for liquified gasses as a marine fuel in a port now available

Bunker checklist

The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) Clean Marine Fuels Working Group has released updated bunkering checklists for fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Biogas (LBG) and Liquid Hydrogen (LH2).

The harmonized bunker checklists are designed for known bunkering scenarios and reflect the extra requirements on ports and terminals for alternative marine fuels bunker operations. The intention is that the bunkering checklists can support a high level of quality and responsibility in such operations.

For more information, and to download the checklists, please click "Read More".

4. Training video exploring how accidents in ports can be a result of multiple factors and influences - freely available for use

Signal video Nov 22

How many things need to go wrong for an accident to happen?

A video produced by colleagues at Signal Mutual called “When we look away” follows a day in the life of a worker at a fictional port terminal. There are procedures in place to prevent accidents, but tiredness, heat, need to get the job done and several lapses in safe systems of work lead to the worst of outcomes. The video considers actions and decisions by others and how multiple factors in combination, not just those of the individual can contribute to increased risk. It shows that by committing to protection at all levels, people get to go home safe.

For more information, and to view the video, please click "Read More".

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