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The brilliant TT Club Innovation in Safety Award is our opportunity to celebrate the exciting developments on safety across our whole industry. The Award gives us an immense added benefit of exploring, capturing and sharing what is happening out there in our international back yard. It gives a snapshot of the ‘art of the possible’. The opportunity to make people aware of new ways of successfully approaching old challenges, of eliminating or better controlling risks. Ways that have been tested in the real world. The closing date for Award entries is 11 November and I make a last-minute call out to all members to think about what you, your customers and suppliers are doing for cargo handling health, safety and efficiency. There is still time to enter the Award and to maximise the good ideas that we will be able to share because of it. The more we learn about what you are doing, the bigger the win for cargo handling and coordination, the more people get to go home safe. Click here for an entry form: https://ichca.com/tt-club-innovation-in-safety-awards.

I am thrilled to welcome Transport Events Ltd as our latest member. They have a powerful reputation for leading some of the largest trade events in the industry. I look forward to working with them to reach further and faster, helping to continuously raise standards throughout cargo handling. In the second of our spotlights of ICHCA champions we introduce John Beckett, Chair of the Board. We have extraordinary talent, experience and passion in our Board and amongst all of those who contribute their time to our work. These spotlights allow ICHCA members to hear from the leadership team in their own words and to learn more about their values and aspirations for ICHCA. Last month, we hosted three world-class speakers in a superb webinar on Lithium-Ion battery cargo safety. The videos of the presentations are available on our web site until 28 November. I am delighted, as ever, to commend the latest edition of ‘Inside ICHCA Australia’, providing wide-ranging information about the work of our Australian Chapter as well as fascinating world-wide content.

Let’s keep raising safety standards together!
Richard Steele
CEO, ICHCA International
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1. ICHCA Welcomes Transport Events Limited as New Member
2. Spotlight on John Beckett, Chair of the ICHCA Board
3. Lithium-Ion Battery Cargoes Fire Risks and Emergency Response videos now available!
4. Latest edition of Inside ICHCA Australia

1. ICHCA Welcomes Transport Events Limited as New Member

Transport Events -Logo-High-Resolution
The global association representing cargo handling companies, ICHCA International (ICHCA) is delighted to welcome Transport Events, the organisation responsible for coordinating some of the largest trade events in the industry as a new member.

This new partnership has been welcomed by both parties as a framework to support their mutual interest in the dissemination of knowledge, best practice and commentary on the challenges and issues facing the global cargo handling community.
In welcoming the new member, Richard Steele, ICHCA International’s CEO stated, “Co-operation with key industry organisations is critical to the safe and efficient performance of today’s increasingly complex supply chains. At ICHCA we remain committed to our efforts to improve safety, security and sustainability and with the help of Transport Events Limited, we can continue to spread our key messages, across Africa, Asia and Europe.

To download the full press release, please click "Read More"

2. Spotlight on John Beckett, Chair of the ICHCA Board

John Beckett
In this second of our series of interviews with ICHCA Members, Spotlight is in conversation with John Beckett, Chair of the ICHCA Board.

Please click on "Read More" for the full article.

3. Lithium-Ion Battery Cargoes Fire Risks and Emergency Response Videos Now Available!

ICHCA Coffee Break Webinar 6 Oct 2022 - one

Our ICHCA Coffee Break Webinar on 6 October, addressed Lithium-Ion Battery Cargoes Fire Risks and Emergency Response.

For those unable to attend on the day or anyone who attended and wants to re-visit this valuable learning, the three videos are available by following the links below:

4. Latest Edition of Inside ICHCA Australia

ICHCA Australia logo (1)

The latest edition of Inside ICHCA Australia is a now available to view. Please click below to read more:

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