August 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of Inside ICHCA International, helping to update association members, partners, and cargo handling industry colleagues worldwide. We do hope you are all safe and well and taking care under these extraordinary circumstances.
Inside ICHCA August 2021 - 1
Introduction by the Head of ICHCA International
I am delighted to introduce my first Inside ICHCA International edition as the new CEO. Only a month in and it is already obvious to me that it is a privilege to work with a Board and member community that is passionate, committed, and willing to go the extra mile. All to make sure that people in the entirety of the cargo handling chain get to go home from work in the same condition that they arrived. The vast majority of what ICHCA achieves depends on the world class, expert knowledge, and experience that members give freely, because they care.

I see my job in these early days as being about three key activities: Listening, Leveraging and Learning. First, it is essential that I listen to you; hear about what is challenging you and what the data is telling us. ICHCA’s work needs to be evidence led. Second, our association’s capability is greater than the sum of the individual parts. My job is to create an environment where we can leverage that synergy and maximise your contributions. Third, ICHCA International must be about learning. As a world industry, we owe it to our people to learn health and safety lessons fast, once-only and ensure that they stay learned.

My ask of you is to get in touch, challenge, and share. If you can see ways that we can do things better, as an industry or as an association, my door is open. Please feel free to contact me at richard.steele@ichca.com.

Knowledge is the only thing that increases the more it is shared. I am ambitious about what we can continue to achieve together. I have the good fortune to be building on the premier reputation of ICHCA and the excellent work that has gone before. I look forward to working with you all. Together we make cargo handling safer.

Richard Steele
CEO, ICHCA International
Richard Steele
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  1. Richard Steele – gets green light to embark on ambitious programme as new ICHCA CEO.
  2. ICHCA and TT Club Collaborate in the Return of the Innovation in Safety Award.
  3. Captain Richard Brough OBE retires after 11 years of service to ICHCA.
  4. Meetings Roundup.
  5. Cargo Integrity Group calls for risk-based measures to prevent pest contamination.
  6. FIATA and ICHCA strengthen collaboration.
  7. News from ICHCA ‘Down Under’.
  8. TT Club – TT Talk: recognise the power of the internet.
  9. EXIS Technologies.
  10. ICHCA Publication Spotlight.
  11. World Maritime Day 2021 – 30 September 2021.
  12. Maritime Knowledge Centre Bulletin (CAB).
  13. ICHCA Website.

1. Richard Steele – gets green light to embark on ambitious programme as new ICHCA CEO

ICHCA’s new CEO, Richard Steele, took over the Association’s helm on July 1st with a wide agenda already in train and the full backing of the Board to develop an ambitious programme of work. There are real opportunities ahead to bring about continuous improvement for the industry and members will see our programme in the coming months.

One priority in July was the work of the Cargo Integrity Group (CIG) a partnership of the Global Shippers’ Forum, TT Club, World Shipping Council, Container Owners Association and of course ICHCA International. The Cargo Integrity Group has a keen interest in how to effectively protect ecosystems from invasive pests potentially carried on CTUs.

Richard said: “After preparing for my first CIG meeting, I already knew more about the Khapra Beetle and the magnificent looking Giant African Land Snail than I ever expected to!” Invasive pests are a crucial matter for international maritime transport and the work of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) needs the input of all stakeholders to develop workable, sustainable control measures.

2. ICHCA and TT Club Collaborate in the Return of the Innovation in Safety Award

ICHCA International with the support of international freight transport insurer TT Club, is once more hosting the Innovation in Safety Award after a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic.
Global supply chains and, in particular the cargo handling and transport operators that facilitate them, have been challenged as never before over the past year and a half. In an environment of dynamic trade flow variation with mounting volumes in many areas, restricted capacity, congestion, and disruption, it is vital to maintain vigilance in matters of safety.

Both ICHCA International and TT Club have a fundamental commitment to risk reduction throughout the supply chain. Their renewal of an award programme to promote the work of those striving to find ways to mitigate such safety risks reflects the paramount aim within both the organisation’s philosophies.

Richard Steele, CEO of ICHCA, said; “I am pleased that early in my tenure, I am able to announce the re-introduction of this Innovation in Safety Award. The world’s cargo handling industry functions, and its people live and operate, in stressful times,” he comments. “At times like these when the exigencies of cargo flows, often peak to result in unparalleled congestion on berths and landside, that safety should be pre-eminent in our minds. Our awards and the innovation they encourage will go some way to amplifying that message across the sector.”

The Award will be open to anyone - an individual, team or company – involved in cargo handling or logistics. Entrants will be required to show that a product, idea, solution, process, scheme, or other innovation has resulted in a demonstrable improvement to safety. The Award champions and celebrates the many companies and individuals around the world who are 100% dedicated to ‘making it safe’ every day. Equally, it acknowledges and fosters innovation to improve safety in cargo operations and logistics.

In announcing his organisation’s continued sponsorship of the Award, TT Club’s Risk Management Director Peregrine Storrs-Fox said, “A key part of TT’s mission and deliverable to its Members, and the industry as a whole, is to emphasise the critical nature of loss prevention, and to supply safety advice of the highest quality. As such, we remain dedicated to encouraging safety awareness and are delighted to remain intimately involved in the functioning of this Award. It aims to bring visibility to, and to energise any innovation in equipment, systems or processes that result in improvements in safety, and we look forward to examining the wealth ingenuity expressed in the entries this year.”

Details of entry criteria and deadlines will be announced at the begin of September 2021.

3. Captain Richard Brough OBE retires after 11 years of service to ICHCA

Inside ICHCA August 2021 - 2

It is farewell but not goodbye to Richard Brough OBE. After 11 years of incredible success driving ICHCA forward, Richard has decided that it is time for (semi?) retirement. Colleagues will be delighted to know that we will not lose him entirely. Richard Brough remains a Board member, continuing to bring his trademarked wisdom and can-do attitude to the role. In a sign of the heartfelt respect that members have for him, Richard’s leaving collection was enough to buy a superb model kit of HMS Victory. This fiendishly complicated model has not one, but three instruction manuals and will reportedly take years to assemble.

Taking a moment to step back and look at the wealth of working relationships that Richard has built over the years along with the improvements in health and safety that have been achieved across the industry under his ICHCA stewardship. It is no surprise that we value and recognise his contribution and wish him the very best for all that he is yet to do. Thank you, Richard!

4. Meetings Roundup

Last month saw meetings of the Cargo Integrity Group (ICHCA and Partners), Dangerous Goods Working Group (ICHCA) and Warehousing White Paper Group (ICHCA and Partners).
  • The Cargo Integrity Group [ICHCA, Container Owners Association, Global Shippers’ Forum, TT Club, World Shipping Council] met on 13 July and again on 10 August, chaired by Peregrine Storrs-Fox (TT Club). The agenda included invasive pests, representing industry/interaction with the IPPC, potential video products to support information, instruction and training and translations of the CTU quick guide. A follow-up media communications subgroup meeting on 22 July developed the joint press release on invasive pests. See ‘Cargo Integrity Campaign, story below.
  • The ICHCA Dangerous Goods Working Group met on 6 July, chaired by Les Richings (LRT Ltd) considering risks associated with transport of ammonium nitrate. Group member Brian Devaraj presented on transport of AN in bags in reefer vessels.
  • The Warehousing White Paper Group met on 16 July [ICHCA, National Cargo Bureau (NCB), International Vessel Owners Dangerous Goods Association (IVODGA). Text for the white paper is still being finalised, but section headings include Operations and Storage, Dangerous Goods and Fire Protection. When finished, this joint publication will be a significant contribution to safely storing and handling dangerous goods.
For further information contact secretariat@ichca.com

5. Cargo Integrity Group calls for risk-based measures to prevent pest contamination

In a joint press release, the Container Owners Association, Global Shippers Forum, ICHCA International, TT Club, World Shipping Council called for urgent action from actors in global supply chains to reduce the risk of pest transference through international cargo movements.

The five partners in the Cargo Integrity Group, known as CIG, recognise the vital importance of focusing on the threat of invasive pests to natural resources across the world, and of the urgency in crafting risk reduction measures that address the situation.

Please follow link for full press release: https://ichca.com/news

6. FIATA and ICHCA strengthen collaboration

Geneva, 29 June 2021 – FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations and the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to reinforce collaboration between the two organizations. A signing ceremony took place online today and was attended by FIATA and ICHCA representatives, as well as respective members.

FIATA represents the freight forwarding industry by advocating trade facilitation policies and promoting best practices in the supply chain to speak with a unified voice in support of freight forwarding associations and logistics companies. ICHCA is dedicated to improving the safety, security, sustainability, productivity and efficiency of cargo handling and goods movement by all modes and through all phases of national and international supply chains.

The MoU facilitates close coordination between FIATA and ICHCA to help them pursue their respective organizational goals and further mutual understanding. The MoU also creates the framework for cooperation that will enable both organizations to benefit from agreed actions and initiatives to achieve common objectives.

“Cooperation with key industry organizations is critical to the safe and efficient performance of today's increasingly complex supply chains,” said FIATA President, Basil Pietersen. “The renewal of our MoU with ICHCA provides a valuable opportunity to strengthen our collaboration and review our common goals. As we set sail into this new chapter of our partnership, I am confident that we will achieve the objectives set in this new cooperation agreement.”

The identified areas for collaboration in the MoU include the engagement of all actors in safety and security-related topics, the digitalization of the supply chain, the improvement and reinforcement of operational efficiency, and regulatory and policy developments around the world that may impact on the activities of the supply chain.

“By renewing and strengthening our MoU with FIATA, the two organisations can work more effectively in pursuing our common goals and objectives,” said ICHCA International’s Chair, John Beckett. “We remain committed to our efforts to improve safety, security and sustainability in the global logistics supply chain, especially at the ship/port interface.”

FIATA and ICHCA share a long history. Their collaboration has been ongoing for more than 25 years, with their first MoU signed in 2006. Since then, both organizations have engaged in different activities and meetings: to improve the carriage of packaged dangerous goods, elaborate and publish information material relating to carriage of dangerous goods, and take initiatives to actively influence the regulatory work at the UN.

Link to press release: https://ichca.com/fiata-and-ichca-strengthen-collaboration

7. News from ICHCA ‘Down Under’

The Latest issue of Inside ICHCA Australia (July 2021) includes the following stories:
Inside this issue

  1. ICHCA Luncheon
  2. Federal Court dismisses proceedings against NSW Ports
  3. MegaTrans postponed again
  4. CIG calls for risk-based measures to prevent pest contamination
  5. ACFS to acquire IPS Logistics in Brisbane
  6. Maersk awards contract to build first carbon neutral vessel
  7. Freight Victoria releases Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework
  8. How much should shipping pay for its emissions?
  9. Qube sells Moorebank Logistics Park
  10. Autocare Services back under LINX CCG control
  11. Updates from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
The Edition can be found on the following link along with previous editions;

8. TT Club – TT Talk: recognise the power of the internet

It may be obvious that the internet is fundamental to global business. It clearly has proven to be a hugely valuable facilitator for transactions and information alike. As with so many things on which we rely in life, it is critically important to be alert to the inherent risks we face. Here, that means being constantly on guard, both personally and corporately.

9. EXIS Technologies

Exis Technologies, leaders in IT compliance solutions for shipping dangerous goods by sea for 35 years, and ICHCA member, offers free industry tools and IMDG Code resources to help those involved in dangerous goods shipments. https://existec.com/free-resources/
Free industry tools (Amendment 40-20)
  • IMDG Coded Variant List – assists companies in exchanging IMDG Code information in EDI messages (BAPLIE and IFTMBF)
  • Hazcheck Risk Zone Data – to support the use of the CINS Stowage guidelines, free to the container shipping industry
  • Hazcheck DGL Lite Mobile App – based on Hazcheck Systems, a quick free IMDG Code reference tool for anyone involved in the transport and handling of DG by sea.
Free IMDG Code resources (Amendment 40-20)
Company Newsletter
You may also wish to sign up to the Exis company newsletter, Hazcheck News, to receive the latest in product and company news. https://existec.com/newsletter/

Free trials from Exis
IMDG Code e-learning Amdt 40-20 – FREE INTRODUCTION COURSE - online training for shore side staff that meets the mandatory training requirements in Chapter 1.3 of the IMDG Code. It is a Certified Det Norske Veritas Learning Programme. IMDG Code e-learning is sponsored by the TT Club and supported by ICHCA.

ICHCA members qualify for a 15% discount on any course or courses https://existec.com/product-category/e-learning/imdg-code-e-learning-40-20/

Hazcheck Online Amdt 40-20 – ONE MONTH TRIAL - online annual subscription service for shippers of dangerous goods by sea. Checks DG shipments in accordance with IMDG Code requirements, identifies stowage and segregation conflicts, checks packaging and a dangerous goods note can be produced when the shipment is correct. https://existec.com/product/hazcheck-online/
10. ICHCA Publication Spotlight

Our unique, world class, library of bespoke cargo handling publications is built from global expert knowledge & experience. Practical guidance for industry, by industry, keeping workers safe. In our new, regular publication spotlight, we draw attention to the Quick Guide to the CTU Packing Code and Collision Prevention at Ports and Terminals.
Inside ICHCA August 2021 - 3
Inside ICHCA August 2021 - 4

11. World Maritime Day 2021 – 30 September 2021

On behalf of the Secretary-General, the External Relations Office at the IMO is pleased to provide advance notice of the 2021 World Maritime Day celebration, which will be held on Thursday, 30 September 2021.

As this annual event represents one of the most prestigious occasions for IMO and the maritime community, we would kindly request that you take note of the above date when preparing your calendar of events in order to avoid any potential clashes. Further information on the event celebration will be provided in due course.

12. Maritime Knowledge Centre Bulletin (CAB)

The MKC Current Awareness Bulletin (CAB) for JUNE 2021 is now available at: https://www.imo.org/en/KnowledgeCentre/Pages/CurrentAwarenessBulletin-Default.aspx
The aim of the MKC Current Awareness Bulletin (CAB) is to provide a monthly digest of news and publications focusing on subjects and themes related to the work of IMO.

Each CAB presents headlines from the previous month. Links to complete articles or abstracts on publishers' sites are included, although access may require registration, payment or subscription.

The MKC Current Awareness Bulletin (CAB) is disseminated monthly as a PDF and is free to download and redistribute.

The Current Awareness Bulletin (CAB) is compiled by the IMO Maritime Knowledge Centre (MKC) but is not an official IMO publication. Inclusion does not imply any endorsement by IMO.
13. ICHCA Website

If you would like to know more about ICHCA in the news and see our press clippings, please click here https://ichca.com/news

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